Benda-3 slow-pitch jigging



Constructed using a solid T24 (tested to 24 tonne) 19015 mm long solid carbon blank makes for a strong stiff actioned slow pitch jigging rod. PE rating 2 to 3

It comes in two versions spinning and over-head, suitable for slow Jigging, casting and even stray lining. 

For jigs up to 250 gram but would recommend around the 150 gram range. This rod is much like the Benda-2 with a bit more grunt to it. Still plenty of fun though.

Suitable for big snapper, kingfish cod.

This rod comes with a full replacement policy for the rod blank and repair/replace policy for any fittings that are not up to scratch.


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Standard courier delivery time is Three to five working days within NZ unless rural deliver which may take a little longer. 

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If its not what you were expecting let us know we will arrange a return or swap it out for what you are after.