About us

As  mates we fish, always have, always will.

Since we were young we went out fishing, firstly with our fathers then later on our own. We started with a tiny inflatable dinghy that would be unloaded from the back of a ute, enthusiastically inflated then off we would go for the day trolling for kahawai and kingfish along the way, a stop at our favorite spot (no GPS or fish finder then) for a crack at snapper, cod and anything else that would come our way. It was a simple and effective recipe requiring little money but loads of energy and enthusiasm and producing untold fun.

As the years rolled along and we went off on our separate paths we still come together as often as we can, the boats are bigger, the rods are flasher and the gear is comprehensive, but the chat remains the same and the beer at the end of the day tastes just as good albeit a fancy craft beer these days! 

We bring to you the OK.fish range that you see which has been based on our extensive research and development (others would call it bitching and squabbling) throughout the years around New Zealand. Marlborough Sounds, D'Urville, Northland (out of Tutukaka), Waiheke, Coromandel, Kapiti coast and East Coast (out of Whakatane). The colours, the shapes and styles are the best of many we've researched to date, but this of course is an ongoing exercise.

Our aim is to make good quality fishing gear available to us all at a fair price.

To all our customers thank you for your ongoing support.