Vertical falling jigs:

Mechanical Jigging

A range of styles, colours and weights to suit
Mechanical Jigging
Inchiku and Kabura slow jigs:

Slow pitch jigging

A range of styles, colours and weights to suit
Slow pitch jigging

Casting and trolling lures

A range of colours and styles to suit
Casting and trolling lures
Scented soft baits:


A range of colours shapes and sizes to suit

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Quality stainless, Teflon coated, multi purpose fishing pliers. They have a comfortable rubber grip and a strong spring action.

They come in a handy pouch to enable you to keep them close by at all times and lanyard so you cant loose them overboard or let your mates pinch them.

These pliers have just about everything you could need while out fishing including a crimper, split ring opener and a line cutter but best of all they enable you to release fish back to the ocean without the need to handle them.


Thermo-insulated chill bags

OK-Pro assist hooks

Super heavy duty 7/0 single jigging hooks 


Tuna Feathers

Pre-rigged  6 colours for $50.00

Chris Thomas

"Definately some of the best jigs out and for the price honestly me and my mates won't buy anything else anymore"

Snapper Max Fishing Legend

"The rods, filleting knives, soft baits,flasher rigs and of course the pliers are all first class quality equipment which I totally recommend.
I'm hooked on this fishing lark"

Lawrence Paul Gubb Charter boat captain

"Great prices, great products, great people"