Mechanical jigging

Quality metal vertical falling jigs

A range of colours and weights to suit Find out more
Slow Jigging:

Slow pitch, Inchiku and Kabura jigs

A range of colours, shapes and weights to suit Find out more
Poppers and stick baits:

Top-water casting and trolling lures

A range of colours and shapes to suit Find out More
Rods and reels:

Benda Rods and HD Reels

Solid carbon rods and stainless steel reels Find out more
Soft baits:

Bio infused-tough soft baits

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Terminal tackle:

Assist hooks, braid and fluorocarbon leader:

A range of assist hooks, braid and floruo carbon leaders Find out more
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$2.49 $4.99

Vertical and falling Jig with a single quality trebble hook, with five new bright colours its a modern version of the old grim reaper type jigs of the 80's and 90's. It's a must for any tackle box. 


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