About Us

As a mates we fish, always have. We have Obsessive Compulsive Disorder when it comes to tackle. Years ago, when soft-baits came on the scene it wasn't good enough for us to listen to summer holiday fishers telling us what the best soft-bait and flavour was, and how these compared with Jigs and Inchikus. Their opinions varied wildly. There was no science to it and it became an annoyance and an obsession. We set about testing soft-baits against fresh bait, soft bait flavours against other flavours, soft baits against Jigs, Jig versus Inchiku, analysed the data, seasonally and regionally adjusted the data then formed a proper opinion with factoids to back it up.

The OK.fish range that you see are based on our research in New Zealand waters. Marlborough Sounds, D'Urville, Northland (out of Tutukaka), Waiheke, Coromandel, Kapiti coast and East Coast (out of Whakatane). The colours, the shapes are the best of many we've researched to date. Please feed back to our blog so we can continue to improve and amend our range.